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DiscountPandit: Your guide to finding the best deals in town!

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  • Search for deals
  • Get to know about the best deals in your neighborhood. Daily deal sites, group buying sites, newspapers, hoardings, print ads, radio ads… if there is a deal happening anywhere in your city, rest assured you can find it on DiscountPandit !
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  • Set deal Alerts
  • Set alerts to personalize your experience. Tailor your homepage as per your requirements and see only what YOU want to see. You can easily add, delete and modify your Deal Alerts.
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  • Compareproduct prices
  • Choose from a wide range of products like mobiles, books, home appliances, personal care equipment and many more. Find the best price on them. Once you have finalized the seller you want to shop from, we direct you to the respective site.
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  • Selectyour deals
  • Choose from the choicest collection of deals. Once you select a deal, you will be directed to the deal source site. You no longer have to visit each deal site individually to find the best deal. We will do it for you.
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  • Filter your search
  • Use our filters to drill down to the exact deal you were looking for. Even if you are looking for a deal in a Chinese Restaurant within 2 kms of your house, serving beer, having Valet Parking and so on… we will find something for you!

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