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Authored By: John H. Hick
Publisher: PHI Learning Private Limited (2000)  
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The Philosophy Of Religion, written by the renowned philosopher John H. Hick, provides a short overview of the topics relevant to the study of the philosophy of religion.

Summary Of The Book

John Hick was a British philosopher of religion and an advocate of religious pluralism. His book, The Philosophy of Religion, has been a popular introductory text on the subject ever since its publication and is now into its fourth edition. The philosophy of religion is a field of study that is interested in analysing everything concerned with religious faith. It questions the existence of god, analyses the nature of religious experiences, and studies religious language. It also explores the relationship between rational scientific views and religious beliefs.

Hick’s book explores all these aspects of the subject. He begins by looking into the perception of God according to the Judaic-Christian beliefs. He then examines the arguments in favor of the existence of God and those against it. He then goes into the problem of evil, which explores how the idea of an omnipotent and powerful God could be reconciled with the existence of evil. The book then moves on to the concepts of revelation and faith in religion.

The next chapter examines the concepts of evidentialism, foundationalism and rational belief. This covers the requirement of evidence for one’s beliefs and the study of the fundamental beliefs on which other aspects of a faith are built upon. It also examines the rationality of religious beliefs.

The Philosophy Of Religion goes into the problem of understanding the nature of God through religious language, and the problems behind verifying religious beliefs. The book moves on to discuss the differences in the perspectives of various faiths. After this, it looks at human destiny, first through the concepts of immortality and resurrection, and then through the ideas of karma and reincarnation. The author then goes on to suggest further reading material on the subject.

This book, The Philosophy Of Religion, provides a concise introduction to the various aspects of faith that is studied by the field of the philosophy of religion. This is one of the most dynamic areas of study in philosophy today. This book can be useful for students of philosophy and also for teachers, to provide a brief overview of the subject.

About John H. Hick

John Harwood Hick was a British theologian and philosopher of religion. Some of the other books by this author are Faith And Knowledge, The Metaphor of God Incarnate, Evil and the God of Love, Death And The Eternal Life, and An Interpretation of Religion: Human Responses to the Transcendent.

John Harwood Hick was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1922. He earned a D.Phil from Oxford University’s Oriel college, and a D.Litt from the University of Edinburgh. Initially a believer in evangelical Christianity, he later moved towards a pluralistic belief. He has held teaching positions at various universities. He was the professor of theology at the University of Birmingham and has also been in the faculty of the Claremont Graduate University of California as the professor, teaching Philosophy of Religion.

Specifications of Philosophy Of Religion 4th Edition (Paperback)

Authored By John H. Hick
Book Details
Publisher PHI Learning Private Limited
Publication Year 2000
ISBN-13 9788120306875
ISBN-10 8120306872
Language English
Edition 4th
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 160 Pages
University Books Details
Stream Philosophy

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