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The sprawling metropolis of Hong Kong is home to one of the most merciless criminal organisations called the Triads. The organisation is growing stronger every day and if it is not taken down soon, the entire city will end up in a big mess of blood and horror. Trying to sneak his way into the organisation is a man named Wei Shen. In Sleeping Dogs, you assume the role of Wei Shen and try to discover the hidden secrets of the Triads, allowing you to destroy them once and for all.

Sleeping Dogs is targeted towards gamers who like action and true crime games. The open world action-adventure game has a powerful story at its core, allowing you to immerse yourself completely into the narrative. The game is available for the PS3 gaming console and carries a Mature rating from ESRB.

Synopsis and Features

In the world of Sleeping Dogs you, playing as Wei Shen, are an undercover cop who is hell bent on destroying the criminal organisation called the Triads. It’s not as easy as it looks as you are pushed into difficult situations where you have to prove your loyalties at every step. Trying to overcome obstacles, you have to advance through the organisations hierarchy to meet the cunning and vicious villain who is the mastermind behind it all. Sleeping Dogs demands your complete attention as it features a compelling story and satisfying combat. 

Developed by United Front Games along with Square Enix London Studios and published by Square Enix, Sleeping Dogs has plenty of features that will keep you at the edge of your seats. The single-player campaign in the story will take you across the fictionalized city of Hong Kong as you try to infiltrate in the organisation, without arousing suspicion.

Sleeping Dogs allows the use of environmental elements to master unique kills. You can use the standard dumpsters to eliminate your enemies or use things such as sword fish heads, A/C units fitted across walls to finish of your nemesis. The game features a unique levelling system. This system allots XP in 3 areas such as Cop, Triad and Face.

These points will allow you to unlock new abilities. The points are allotted on how well you handle missions given to you. If you are brutal and ruthless in disposing off your enemies, you get Triad points. On the other hand, if you are good towards innocent victims, you are rewarded with Cop points. You earn Face points by helping out citizens of Hong Kong, allowing the people of the city to trust you more.

One of the most interesting features in Sleeping Dogs is maintaining the contrast between dishing out brutality and saving innocent victims. This can lead to tough situations where you have to choose whether to save or kill an enemy. One of the most satisfying aspects of the game is its hand-to-hand combat. You can beat your enemies to pulp with flashy moves that are visually spectacular to execute.

If you want to go astray in the game and try something new you can do it in Sleeping Dogs as it has several side-missions. You can drive cars at high speeds, sing you heart out as a karaoke singer, gamble on cockfights or find hundreds of collectibles that are spread all across the city. If you are a fan of destruction when playing virtual games Sleeping Dogs will offer plenty of it as you can engage in shootouts in every other mission.

The game offers immense replay value as you can repeat playing missions with different tactics. Sleeping Dogs offers game time of up to 25 hours, depending on how you play it. You can complete missions and post scores online and keep a track of how you are faring against gamers across the world. The updates and wallpapers for the game can be downloaded from the PSN Network.


Specifications of Sleeping Dogs (Games, PS3)

Title Sleeping Dogs
Category Games
Platform PS3
Publisher Square Enix
Mode Single-Player
Genre Action-Adventure, Third-Person Shooter

Product Reviews

This review was written for Sleeping Dogs
24 August 12
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certified buyer
Best open world game ever!

The best open world game i have ever played

1.Awesome graphics each deatail is perfect and with the hd pack get a new level of gaming
2. Awesome Fighting far more violent than any open world games you can do envirment take downs the moves you feel like an martial artist. Counter attacks just like AC
3. you can buy everything you want from clothes to vehicles
4.So far nice story you are playing as an undercover cop and also as a criminal to get your way top to the sun on lee and then arrest him.
5. Bored of driving? Hire a taxi and go to any place you desire.
6. Around 150+ side missions like doing favors to increase your face xp. Street racing also.
7. Everything in a large range.

CONS:- 1. You can date 7 girls in the game but only 2 times after that they vanish.
2. Still to find more cons

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85% of 27 users found this review helpful.
This review was written for Sleeping Dogs
19 October 12
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certified buyer
The best game of 2012

Sleeping dogs came in as a dark horse. Unlike many other games that were released in this period, this game did not get much pre-release press attention or hype. But when the game was released, it out performed the others.

For last couple of years, almost all games followed the regular formula for maximum sales. There was nothing new or innovative. All of them featured awesome trailers and demos which makes you wanna play the game; but when you get the game, you realize that the game does not live up to your expectations.

Sleeping dogs tried something different, something new. It tells the story of an undercover cop. Unlike many other games in this genre, it is not a run and shoot game. Its an open-world game and focuses mostly on hand-to-hand combat instead of gun-fights. The missions and story are pretty good; although I felt that the main story is a bit too short. The game's combat system deserves all the praises. Its a mix of melee combat in Batman and Assassins Creed Revelations. It features a decent free-running mechanism as well (not as splendid as in Assassins Creed or Mirror's edge).

Side missions include Spying, hacking, looting, racing (typical GTA eh?). The vehicle mechanics in this game is done by programmers who previously worked in the legendary Need For Speed games. Aprat from some occasional glitches, the game's engine is pretty neat. It has a decently realistic renderer(don't expect CryEngine here). However for PC gamers, to experience Hong-Kong (did I say the game is set in Hong-Kong?) in its full glory, you MUST download the High resolution Texture pack from steam - its FREE.

So Sleeping Dogs = GTA + Saints Row (open world) with Batman (fighting) and Splinter Cell (hacking and things like that) and Assassins Creed (free-running)

Should you play this game? Absolutely YES

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This review was written for Sleeping Dogs
21 August 12
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enough talk,BUY THIS GAME ASAP

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29 August 12
....and Wei Shen to even the odds

"Courage to Strengthen, Fire to Blind, Music to Dazzle, Iron to bind... And Wei Shen to bloody even the odds."

Yeah, I just modified a very-well known quote from Wheel of Time, because, this is exactly what you'll witness in this Undercover cop saga called Sleeping Dogs. The game pulls no punches and there's gratuitous violence and frequent cussing in the game. The developers didn't shy away from showing the players the violent and shady world of the Triads. The inner conflicts and demons of the protagonist, Wei Shen become more prominent as the game progresses and the effects of being an undercover cop among people, some of who may or may not be "bad/evil" in the traditional sense make me crankier and more tense as the game progresses. The losses that he has suffered in his life due to the Triads and how they shaped him are shown through unlockable reports. They make for an extremely interesting read and will make people love the story even more.

I'm about 24 hours into the game and I think I could still go on for another 20-30 hours. The driving is pretty arcade-ish and reminds me of NFS: Most Wanted, one of the better NFS titles. The hand-to-hand combat borrows from the Arkham games and the violent bone-breaking animations remind me of the Yakuza series' Heat Moves. The gun-play involves "bullet-time" animations and the shooting sequences are adrenaline-pumping and very fast.

The graphics is just average, the textures aren't all that great and according to the Developer team they couldn't recreate Hong Kong as faithfully as they would have liked due to copyright issues regarding some monuments and places, like the famous Bruce Lee statue. But, the in-game Hong Kong will suck you in with a huge no. of unlockables, all of which add something to your gameplay experience. Finally, the icing on the cake.... The game has top-notch voice actors, including, Emma Stone, Tom Wilkinson, Kelly Hu, Lucy Liu, Edison Chen, James Hong etc.

Get this game, right NOW if you have any love for open-world games. The RPG elements may not be very strong, but they're competent and there's no boring corridor-shooter bullshit to be found anywhere in-game.

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This review was written for Sleeping Dogs
03 September 12
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certified buyer
Bang for the Buck Game

Action, Adventure, thriller, comedy when you combine all these things you would have a really good movie. But have you ever seen a game adapting to these genres. Well, you can find it Sleeping Dogs. Amazing game. Worth every penny. You are Wei Shen an undercover cop trying to unfold the mysteries of the Traids.

Set in Honk Kong the game thrives with colors flying all over the beautiful landmarks.

GTA as been taking over the Sandbox game genre for a very long time and still they continue to surprise us with their magic.
But when this trailer came out i thought this would be some dumb game .... cause im a die hard fan of GTA series and Rockstar. But when this game came out i tried it on the torrents and after 5 mins in game i quit it came to flippy and ordered the game ASAP.

I must a a true competitor for GTA but still a bit kiddish when compared to GTA cause GTA is real life sandbox game .... Sleeping dogs was more kinda of an action movie.

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